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Chief Justice
Posted: April 30, 2011, 12:22 am

Official Rules & Guidelines of Chloria:

- Threads/Posts
- Post Decorations
- Signatures
- Necroing/Reviving Threads
- Begging
- Spam
- Usernames
- Mule Accounts
- Harassment/Flaming/Trolling
- Plagiarism
- PG-13 Content
- Advertising
- Offsite Trading
- Scamming/Hacking
- Exploits (Bugs/Glitches)
- Deleted/Locked Threads
- Warnings/Bans
- Copyright
- Contact/Advice
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 3:43 am

A post must have a minimum of two different words. Anything less, such as a dot or a smiley/emote, or one word (repetiton of a word is considered one word), will be considered spam. We try to encourage chatting amongst our users. It is hard for someone to respond to a single word/emote.

You are allowed to double post at any time. Triple posting is not allowed unless:
- You are setting up a shop/quest/charity/hangout/etc.
- Your thread has fallen off of the first page/isn't visible on the first page anymore.

It is not ok to triple post (posting three times in a row or more) just because it has been a few days since your thread has been posted in. If you want to reuse a thread, simply edit the post if there are already two consecutive posts, or ask a friend/user to post in the thread for you.

Gradient text is not allowed. You are however, allowed to use one color text and align/bold/italicize/underline the text as you wish.

A post filled with several images (such as 'emotes'. Images for references are ok as long as they are resized appropriately or posted in link form.) is not allowed. This means, do not make a post with images following very little/no text. This is spam. If you are using images in your posts and they are fairly large (above 200x200 pixels) please reduce them to links or you will receive a warning for page stretching.

Keep your profanity to a minimum. This includes cursing in other languages. Swearing every other word in your sentences is not alright.

Try to keep chat speak to a minimum. We encourage literacy here. (This means "t4lking 1i3k di5" or this- "cn u call m3 l8er" for example, is not allowed.)

If you'd like to speak a foreign language, please provide a translation in quote tags underneath the foreign text. However, if you are copying and pasting a small amount of a quote in another language (as in using a translator versus actually speaking the language), please put that text into quotes, as it is not your own writing.

Post Decorations:
Excessive post decoration is not allowed. This means text. One or two symbols before and after your posts is fine. Image-based post styles are allowed. (This is the ONLY way text based post decorations are acceptable.)

Deliberately trying to hide your text based post styles (such as making the color of the text white, or light enough where it can not easily be seen) will earn you a warning, or a ban depending on the severity; meaning how many warnings you have previously been given for breaking this rule. Any text based post styles count towards the silver count; therefore they are spam and are not allowed.

Two symbols before and two symbols after your text are allowed per post (four total). Lyrics, Poems, etc are forbidden, unless under the following circumstances:

- A permanent thread is being set up in which more than one post has been reserved on the first page by the owner.
- These threads are allowed to have post decorations (including lyrics and poems) as long as at least one fourth of the post is text-based and is not copy/pasted copyrighted text (meaning it belongs to a poet or a writer that is not yourself, etc).

Signature Size:
Please keep your signatures in the dimensions of 500 pixel height and width. This includes text. Your signatures may not contain any explicit, gory, or obscene content. Please try to keep in mind that we are a PG-13 site, and it must be kept that way. You will receive a warning if your signature is larger than this or your signature is found to contain what is considered inappropriate material.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 3:51 am

Reviving Threads:
In the welcoming forum, do not revive threads that have not been posted in for a week.

If you are coming back to Chloria, you may post a new welcoming thread or reuse your previous thread, so long as it is not older than a year. (Please PM a moderator to unlock the thread for you.)

In other forums, not including the discussion subforums; do not revive threads that have not been posted in for a month (4 weeks).

Concerning permanent threads like exchange shops, quest threads, art shops; The owner can revive the thread whenever they want, as long as it is still being used and is relevant. If the thread is locked for whatever reason and you wish to reuse it, please PM a moderator with a link to the thread you wish to have unlocked.

Begging for anything at all on the site (art, items, silver, etc) is strictly prohibited. Commenting on profiles or in PMs to a user in a begging manner is considered to be begging and will not be tolerated. If you need help questing for items, you can set up a thread under the Bazaar tab in Quests. Please report to a moderator if a user is begging you/others for items/art/silver/etc.

Spamming on the site is not allowed whatsoever. The only place you are allowed to post random nonsense that does not pertain to any specific topic is the Box o' Chatter forum- however, you are not allowed to do these things:

- Posting the same message over and over *copy and paste or not* in different threads. (Ex: "Good luck!" )
- One word posts/emotes. (Ex: "lol" "=)" "hi" )
- Quoting users past 3 quote trees. (Meaning you may quote a user three times in one post before it is considered against the rules.)
- Posting lyrics from a song/poem. (One line from a song is acceptable so long as it is credited to the original artist.)
- Posting poems that do not belong to you. (One line is fine so long as it is in quotes and credit is provided where it is needed)
- Copying and pasting news/poems/lyrics/etc. that were not made by you. (One line is fine so long as it is in quotes and credit is provided where it is needed)
- Posting chain letters in PMs/forums.
- Excessive use of letters/caps. (Typing entire posts or thread titles in caps is not considered acceptable, please try to keep the caps lock to a minimum.)
- leave a large amount of space/gaps in posts (pressing enter and leaving 4-5/etc empty lines where there is no post, but a large gap)
- posting several images in your post with very little/no text to follow up (or just several images in general)
- posting several of the same (or different) emotes in your post (8-10 is far too many.)

Posting things like "omgggggg" "HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY" "hiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" "..........." etc, will not be tolerated. Posting things like "dkjksdfskladf" are not words, and are also considered spam. We understand that many of you use this to express yourselves, but please do not use it excessively. If you are going to speak excitedly or type things like "dklsdkfs", you may use up to 5 of said letter MAXIMUM. (Ex: HEYYYY! or "dsfgh", NOT "HEEEEYYYYY" or "sdfklslksfs" ) Any other amount in posts will be edited out and the user will receive a warning for spam.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 3:52 am

Sexually explicit, vulgar, obscene, or offensive racial, ethnic, or religious usernames are not allowed. Any language in the username used that could be considered a threat to another user is also not allowed.

Please be mindful and show some respect to others when picking a username. You may be asked to change it at any time, if it is found to be against these rules or if another user/staff considers it to be offensive. You may also receive a warning depending on the severity of the name.

Mule Accounts:
You are allowed only two mules on Chloria aside from your main account, meaning you are allowed three total accounts. Failure to abide by this rule will lead to the banning of the most recent account made, and/or the main account, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Posting with a mule account and your main account one after the other in the forums is not allowed, and the posts created will be deleted. A warning will also be received.

If a sibling or relative that shares the same computer has an account on Chloria, then between both accounts, you must share a limit of 2 mules (1 mule per, meaning up to two accounts total for each user and their sibling as opposed to the normal three).

If you have created a mule account, please do not post a 'welcome thread' with said mule in the 'Welcome to Chloria' forum. If you are not new to the site and are just creating another account, there is no reason for a welcome thread to exist, therefore it is considered spam and will be deleted.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 4:00 am

Harassing and/or flaming/trolling of another user and/or staff member is strictly forbidden. This includes stalking, making offensive posts directed towards a particular user/staff member to offend them, etc. Aggression and rudeness towards other users/staff members is also not allowed.

If there is any disagreement between two users/a user and a staff member, it is not considered acceptable to attack each other because of opinion differences. Please be polite towards others, and treat them as you would like to be treated. Please be respectful to all staff members and users.

Posting material/responses intended to provoke other users into giving a negative response are also not allowed (trolling). However, debating and arguments are allowed, so long as you do not attack another individual for their opinion. Do not send a report against someone who does not have the same opinion as you/you do not agree with, as it does not count.

Namedropping is also considered to be another form of harassment if used in any sort of negative way, and will not be tolerated.

Making false accusations towards staff members (regarding bans, other staff members, users who were once staff members, etc) is not only forbidden, but will also result in a permanent ban.

Please report to the admin or a moderator immediately if you see any of this kind of activity.

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. All posts containing plagiarized content will be deleted. You will receive a warning, and your silver will be deducted from all posts containing the offending content.

Keep all lyrics/poems/essays/etc. in quotes and provide credit to the original artist unless they are your own works. If you are posting in the Writer's Alley and they are your own works ONLY then you do not need to use them.

This site is strictly PG-13. Posting explicit and/or sexual images or content is not allowed. Sexually explicit roleplays or excessive gore (going far into detail about killing someone, etc) and violence are also not allowed. If you would like to discuss sexuality/gore, please do so in a non-explicit way. If you have any questions, please contact the admin.

If you are under the age of 13, you are not allowed to be on the site. A ban will be placed on your account and lifted once you are 13 years of age if you are found to be under the appropriate age.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 4:19 am

Advertising of other sites is not allowed, especially avatar sites. Please do not ask our staff or anyone else on the site to help you in regards of creating a site or promoting a site you frequent and/or own.

Talking about and/or mentioning the sites you are on without the intention of getting other users to join/check them out is okay.

Providing links to an avatar site, or the avatar site's facebook/deviantart/tumblr/etc or trying to get our members to get an account on another site (by any means, which includes signature links, links in threads and sign up pages, but is NOT limited to these examples) is not. Even if your site is not finished, if it is an avatar site, it is against our rules to be linked by any means possible.

Posting links to your deviantart galleries, weebly, tumblr, etc. that are for PERSONAL USE are allowed in your signatures/posts. However, if said sites link to another avatar site by any means, it is considered indirect advertising and will not be tolerated. If your links are questionable (in your signature, profile, or in a thread), please contact a staff member with the link(s) in question and ask if said link(s) are acceptable or not. If you do not do this and post the link anyway, you will receive a warning or ban depending on the severity.

Starting a thread and/or posting links (through signatures or threads) to promote another website or avatar website other than Chloria is not allowed, and will be dealt with accordingly; either by a warning or a ban depending on the severity of the situation. Posting a link to promote another website on your own or another user's profile or in private messages is also considered advertisement, and is not allowed under any circumstances.

If you are suspected to be advertising through PM (due to posting a link in your signature/profile/thread/etc), your account may be looked through for evidence. If any evidence is found, your account will be banned.

Sending staff members messages asking about site coding, or any other information about the site, for the sole purpose of creating your own site, is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. Stealing our coding to use for your own site will also result in a permanent ban.

Do not PM users with information/links to other avatar websites, profile comment users with information/links to other avatar/websites, or promote a website in signatures with information/links to them under any circumstance, as this is also considered advertising and will not be tolerated. If a user is suspected of doing so, appropriate action will be taken by any means necessary and said user will receive a warning or ban depending on the severity of the situation (multiple warnings for continued advertising, etc).

You may freely mention the name of another site in a thread or through PMs, so long as links are not provided and your main purpose of the mention is not to get a user to join the site (indirect advertising). If you are suspected of doing so, your account can and will be searched by the admin to determine your situation.

Offsite Trading:
The silver and gold currencies, items, and accounts on Chloria are all copyright to Chloria. Trading and/or selling items for real money is strictly prohibited and will result in an automatic ban if anyone is found to be doing this. Please report any suspicious activities to the admin.

Botting and/or hacking on the site will not be tolerated. Using bots, hacks (ex: automatic program) or trying to earn silver in any illegal way is strictly prohibited. Regardless of where your account standing is previous to the offense, you will receive an automatic ban from the site.

Scamming other users will not be tolerated. Pretending to be a member of staff and asking users for their passwords to steal their items is trickery, and is strictly against the rules, and will be dealt with immediately with a ban. The Chloria staff will NEVER ask you for your password. If you are asked for your password, immediately report to the administration.

Exploiting/Glitches and Bugs:
Abusing a bug or glitch in the system will result in a permanent ban. Please report any strange or suspicious behavior immediately. If you encounter one, please let the admin know as soon as it is found and/or post in the pest control forum, especially if it is a major glitch or emergency. (Ex: duplicated items or items that you don't remember buying) Abusing a bug/glitch to gain items or silver is highly frowned upon and will result in a permanent ban. Do not encourage others to keep hush about these issues as this will ruin it for everyone. All issues should be reported as soon as they are spotted. Anyone caught encouraging users to keep glitches to themselves will receive a warning.

The leaking of unreleased items is strictly forbidden. If you somehow come across an item that is not supposed to be on the site (such as, there is no announcement announcing it but it is there), PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE ADMIN IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT make a thread about it and do not speak of it around the site, as it ruins the surprise for everyone else and can cause an update to become unreleased/delayed. It is very important to be honest and not spoil the fun for everyone else.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 4:26 am

Deleted/Locked Threads:
Threads are not normally deleted or locked without a valid reason. If you feel that one of your threads was mistakenly locked or you would like a thread unlocked for any reason, please do not hestitate to PM the admin with the thread in question (or PM a moderator if you would like a thread unlocked to reuse). We like to keep all of our information confidential (between the user/admin/moderator), so we ask that you do not make a topic about said thread being locked, as this can cause unneeded drama.

If you are not the original creator of the thread, you will not be explained the reason that the thread was removed/locked and it will not be unlocked by your request, even if you had posted in there. It is between the staff and the user who created the thread only.

Any topics regarding a deleted/locked thread will be removed immediately. If you see a thread like this, please contact the admin or a moderator. Please contact a member of staff if you have any questions.

Warnings and Bans:
Warnings and bans are decided by the severity of the situation. If you do not agree with your consequences in relation to your situation and wish to discuss it, please feel free to send Chloria staff a message at inquiring your issue(s). Responses may be delayed, so please be patient when waiting for a response. Do not hassle or harass staff asking when your message will be answered.

Any warnings/bans you receive or report should not be discussed/spoken of with ANYONE on the site (other than the admin), nor should you create any topics or posts pertaining to the information of any user's warning/ban. Do not PM each other or discuss information elsewhere, regarding a user's warning/ban no matter who it is. Anyone suspected of doing so for any reason will have their account searched. Said users discussing this information may receive a warning/1 week temporary ban depending on the situation. We keep all of our information confidential for a reason and leaking any information will not be tolerated.

The only users who this information should be discussed and dealt with are the mod/staff member you received the warning/ban from and/or the admin.

This applies to any mules said users may have. Posting ban and warning information anywhere for any reason is never ok, no matter what account you are on. Bans and warnings are strictly confidential and should remain that way at all times. Do not post any information pertaining a ban ANYWHERE on the site.

Do not ask a mod or the admin about another users' warning/ban, as it is not a user's right to know, nor are they entitled to this information; regardless of if said person who was warned/banned is their friend or not. Users are never given a warning/ban for no apparent reason. You will receive a warning if you happen to approach the admin/mods about this information that has nothing to do with you.

Users found to be posting/PMing anything to do with theirs/another users' confidential information will receive a 1 week or permanent ban depending on the severity of the situation. Please be respectful towards your staff and Chloria's rules. Do not share any of this information.
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Chief Justice
Posted: February 1, 2013, 4:31 am

Please take note that all things written, drawn, or created for contests as well as things created for Chloria by Chloria staff members (past or present) become the property of Chloria as soon as they are submitted; regardless of who stays on the site and who goes. Ideas submitted during such contests are subjected to use in the future, regardless of if they have not been made yet. Credit will be given where credit is due, regardless.

Posting images that you have no rights to use can and will be treated as a copyright infringement and/or art theft. Claiming art that you did not make (or heavily traced over) as your own works will be treated as art theft and will result in a warning or ban depending on the severity.

Using art that does not belong to you in your profiles (if it was not specifically commissioned for the user buying the profile from you) and selling them for currency is not allowed.

Any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, complaints, etc. can be PMed to the appropriate moderator and/or admin.

If you see any rule-breakers, please contact a moderator or admin with the situation. Please be prepared to provide links and/or proof of the offending posts, etc. if it is asked to be presented.

If you do not agree with a warning/ban you have received, you may email us at Please be respectful to the staff when sending your email and try to be understanding when you receive a response.

Failure to abide by any of these rules may result in a warning or ban.

The staff of Chloria reserve the right to change any of these rules at any time, for any given reason. Please stop by often to see what may have changed.
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